Thoughts from a straightjacket

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Hi yinz! I'm 34 years old, I live in Penn Hills with my three cats a dog and my lovely and wondeful wife, I work as a cook in a country club. I'm into movies, videogames, collecting football, baseball and hockey cards & shot glasses. I also enjoy drinking. I like Labatt's, Yuengling and rum and coke mostly. If I have money to spend out at the bar, I like Long Island Iced Tea, Screaming Nazi or Redheaded Slut as my drinks of choice.

I am a proud Libertarian. Less government, more freedom. How could anyone not like that idea? FUCK YOUR OBAMACARE!

Movies: Miracle, V for Vendetta, Star Wars
Musical artists: Rammstein, In Extremo, Bon Jovi
TV Shows: NCIS, Restaurant: Impossible, Chopped! CSI
Authors: H.P. Lovecraft, Robert B. Parker, Stephen King
Restaurants: Joe's Crab Shack, Red Robin, Applebee's
Fast-Food: McDonald's, Long John Silvers, Bojangles
Actors/Actresses: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Al Pacino

Anything you want to know, just ask.

I'm on tumblr: http://mindofmindcrime.tumblr.com/
100 proof, 80s music, aerosmith, alcohol, alice cooper, alice in chains, america, arch enemy, atari 2600, beer, big & rich, big tits, billy idol, black sabbath, bon jovi, caffeine, calico jack, cats, chopped, christianity, coffee, cooking, cowboy troy, criss angel, csi, cumming, cybersex, cyclothymic disorder, darkness, demon hunter, drinking, dx, ebay, erotica, evanescance, facebook, flyleaf, food network, football, freedom, garbage, germany, glenn beck, gloryholes, goth girls, green oaks country club, guns, guns n' roses, halestorm, halie james, heavy metal, hell's kitchen, hellraiser, horror movies, house, in extremo, jack daniels, jagermeister, johnny cash, johnny depp, julie christmas, kid rock, korn, larry the cable guy, laughing, lennon, libertarians, light this city, liquor, lisa ann, lordi, lost, lovecraft, marilyn manson, marriage, mason moore, masturbation, mcdonalds, metallica, motley crue, muzik mafia, naughty america, ncis, nfl, norml, nra, nudity, numb3rs, oral sex, orgy, pearls before swine, penn hills, picture me broken, piercings, pittsburgh, pittsburgh penguins, pittsburgh pirates, pittsburgh steelers, playboy, poetry, poison, porn, ps2, queensryche, rain, rammstein, reality porn, reaper, ricki raxx, rob zombie, robert b. parker, rockbitch, roger clemens, roleplaying, ron paul, ron white, rum, scarlett pain, sex, shot glasses, shyla stylez, slasher movies, slayer, sleeping, spanking, star wars, stephen king, steve taylor, stormy daniels, superman, system divide, tattoos, the bible, the boondocks, the pretty reckless, thunderstorms, toby keith, tool, twitter, type o negative, undertaker, vicky vette, we are the fallen, weird al, wii, writing, wwe